– Vendors agree to drop their products and make sure that they have enough products on regular basis.
– Sawa market doesn’t guarantee sales of products.
– Sawa Market is not liable for damaged or stolen products however, will cover their portion percentage of the retail price of damaged or stolen products with a max of $100 per vendor in a calendar year from signing up date.
– Vendors to promote their products at Sawa at minimum of one post on social media a month.
– Consignment for first month will be based on % of sales only however, Minimum monthl Monthly charge will be applied if minimum sale threshold is not reached by end of the second month.
– Reconciliation will be done through email money transfer or credit card payment every 60 days with minimum sales of $100 or whichever happen first.
– Vendors to send & update inventory list after dropping off.
– Minimum term is 6 months.