Vendor & consignment application & agreement

Option 1: consignment at 40 % of sales to Sawa / 60 % to vendors no monthly fee & no pick up option

Option 2: Consignment & Pick up option $100 per month
In addition to the above related to consignment, Sawa Market can provide a pick service for vendors
If this option is chosen, Sawa will drop their % of sales down to 15%

Minimum 12 months term is required
Minimum first & last month payment is required

Space given will not exceed 20 SF

Option 3: Consignment & pick up option $50 a month
Sawa will agree to reduce their % on sales on consignment base down to 25 % only
Sawa provide a pick up spot service to vendors
Space given will not exceed 10 SF unless agreed on in separate written agreement
Minimum 12 months is required

All other terms remain the same

General terms applicable to all options:

– Vendors agree to drop their products and make sure that they have enough products on regular basis.
– Sawa market doesn’t guarantee sales of products.
– Sawa Market is not liable for damaged or stolen products however, will cover their portion percentage of the wholesale price of damaged or stolen products with a max of $100 per vendor in a calendar year from signing up date.
– Vendors to promote their products at Sawa at minimum of one post on social media per month
– Reconciliation will be done through email money transfer or credit card payment every 60 days with minimum sales of $100 or whichever happen first.

– Vendors to send & update inventory list after dropping off.
– Minimum of 12 months agreement for all options.
All forms are not in effect until final approval is confirmed by Sawa Market & Cafe in writing.

We agree to this agreement after acknowledging & understanding terms & conditions in each option provided.